At East Ivanhoe Skin & Body Therapy we only used the highest quality wax that caters for sensitive skin and well as the shortest hairs. You will never leave our salon sticky or uncomfortable.

Some important notes; On the day of waxing- please do not apply moisturizer or oil the area to be waxed.

Never come in with sunburn or if you have been in a solarium within 24 hours., or if you are on roaccutane medication for acne- please advise our staff prior booking

For Face waxing and sensitive areas, we use a wax that sets. For all other areas a soft wax. See our staff for all after care advice and brochure with recommended products.

Female bikini –’Brazilian or xxx waxing’- Available from our expert waxing staff. please consult our staff any questions

Male waxing- All waxing available , sorry no personal waxing areas available here.