Cosmetic Tattoo

Using Electric needle method

Will the Cosmetic Tattoo fade?

Yes depending on the skin metabolism and the colour applied. Retouches are applied to ensure the colour remains long lasting, which gives the client more flexibility, depending on the look that may be wanted to be changed in the future.  Use of sunbloc recommmend to prevent fading,

Does the tattoo hurt?

We use strong topical anaesthetics  to ensure client comfort.

How long before I see the real tattoo?

The first 7-10 days the skin is healing and will peel.  the full colour result is not quite visible until around 4-5 weeks which is when the second appointment should be done then. Any colour adjustments or shape changing is done at this appointment. Last 12- 18 months approximately.

Microblading- is a tool that is used to create hair like strokes into the eyebrow. Results are last about 6-8 months and still require 2 visits 6 weeks apart.

24/7 eyebrows
* Have stylish and fuller look all the time

2 Appointments required 5-6 weeks apart.